Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Truth About Bhula Bhula

By Gi Linda
Nimbin GoodTimes  --  October Issue p.4

Rainmaker Eco Cult
Legal action is in process by disillusioned investors in a community at Mt Burrell, near Nimbin. The community was founded by Mark Darwin through his organisation, ‘Truthology’. Investors warn that ‘Truthology’ presents a matrix of lies, using misleading marketing to facilitate acquisition of multi-million-dollar properties. Litigating investors attempting to recover losses and damages totalling more than $1.5 million also filed a police fraud report, sought protection against harassment and are pressing charges of defamation.

Mark Darwin Truthology
 Investors paid up to $120,000 for fake shares in the 640 acre property and some also transferred their superannuation, falsely assured by Mark Darwin that development applications were in process. Tweed Council’s warnings that no community would be permitted on the property were kept hidden. Only an inner circle knew that the advertised lots were protected for water catchment to a proposed dam at Byrrill Creek. An independent town planning report advising that multiple occupancy would not be allowed was hidden from investors, who began building dream-homes with exotic mountain views.

When Mark Darwin contemptuously called Mt Burrell ‘Hicksville’ boasting he would build the ‘village’ in defiance of council regulations, locals began investigating his past activities. Finding a long trail of murky footprints, they opposed him with a ‘Hicksville Party’ and activated a ‘Committee to Stop Mark Darwin’ that complained to Tweed Council about the emerging shanty-town in an environmentally protected area.

Bhula Bhula CultThe community ‘Bhula-Bhula’ was advertised as an opportunity for ‘living in harmony,’ but soon after it began, the harmony was shattered by conflict. Those who sniffed a scam and called for accountability were menaced and driven out of the community. When an accidental fire in a camper almost set the forest ablaze, Tweed Council ordered everyone to leave. Investors were driven off the property without return of their funds and without share titles. Loans were not repaid. Despite calls for transparency, all books were hidden. The cattle were sold and abandoned paddocks overgrown with weeds.  A sign bolted to the broken front gate warned ‘ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!’

With Tweed Council and departing investors initiating litigation, Mark Darwin gifted free shares in the property to Aboriginal Sovereignty activist Gunham / Mark McMurtry, who moved his family into the abandoned homestead. Scorning ethics and government regulation as irrelevant, Mark Darwin’s clique continued marketing fake shares in property where no habitation is permitted. They cleared more forest, built new access roads and expanded their hot offer to include sale of unapproved lots with cabins on 3,000 acres of adjoining property in Nightcap Forest.

“Is the bubble about to burst?” The Truthology website provokes fears of immanent financial collapse as the community ‘village’ is promoted as an “ethical investment opportunity” at public meetings and ‘Freedom Summits’ in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Perth, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.
 “What drives us is the opportunity to offer everyday Australians the option of investing their hard earned digits into ethical, eco-friendly, community driven projects. Many of our clients are also inspired by being able to vote with their superannuation by directing it into ethical, tangible and socially responsible areas.”

Adrian Brennock controlled the Mt Burrell property holding a single share of value $1 in Wollumbin Horizons Pty Ltd. This shell links to a web of other companies managed by Rainmaker Eco Investments.
In contrast to the losses of investors, the directors of Rainmaker Eco, did quite well last year. Living in beachfront luxury with holidays in Bali, Adrian Brennock and Philip Dixon bid on various million-dollar properties and successfully acquired the commercial precinct at Mt Burrell, including Sphinx Rock Cafe, shops, service station and caravan park.

Ignoring the debris of financial carnage, conflict and grief, Rainmaker Eco, with marketing manager Kelly McSween, brazenly continues advertising opportunities to invest in Mt Burrell ‘village,’ as Mark Darwin boldly calls for new cashed-up believers to finance his expanding dystopia: “This is a unique opportunity to buy into an entire village!!” 

Buyer beware, before your investment takes a one-way trip into the back pocket of a stranger’s snakeskin pants!

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