Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Mt Burrell Land Scam Exposed in Criminal Prosecution

An alleged multi-million-dollar investment fraud offering fake shares in a Mt Burrell “Eco Village” was challenged in a private prosecution at Murwillumbah Court, NSW, on March 28th. Founders of the land-share initiative, Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock with company directors Steven McSween and Richard Moate, were charged with criminal fraud and larceny. They declined to appear in court but were represented by Byron Bay solicitor Ian McKay, instructed to plead “Not Guilty." Court Orders set a schedule for filing evidence. 
Mt Warning Eco Village advertising lots for sale at mountwarningecovillage.com.au

The private prosecution was initiated by defrauded investor Gi Linda, who also filed a statutory demand on the company Wollumbin Horizons Pty Ltd, starting winding-up procedures to stop the land-share scam. With a federal police investigation of the alleged fraud in progress and civil litigation by defrauded investors stalled, the criminal prosecution was initiated to fast-track justice. The aim is to achieve restitution for creditors with urgent claims now totaling over $2.7 million, including failed investments, delinquent loans, misappropriation of superannuation, defamation and destruction and theft of property.
Optional cabins are offered at Mt Warning Eco Village
Supporting evidence documents a fraud that began in 2014, involving sale of lots in “Bhula Bhula  Community” without advising potential investors that the advertised land-share sites were located on environmentally protected land where no dwellings are permitted. The community failed, leaving angry investors bereft a year ago, yet the audacious fraud was continued with an ambitious new venture — Mt Warning Eco Village — an even larger proposed “intentional community” at Mt Burrell. Misleading advertising offers residential lots with optional cabins on 3,500 pristine acres with lilly-clad lagoons and mountain views, where it is clearly known by the accused that habitation is prohibited.

Association of Investors Defrauded by Mark Darwin

Environmentally protected land offered for habitation at Mt Warning Eco Village

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